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All products come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee

BTT Motorsport LTD

Renault Clio 172 / 182 - BTT Painted Headlight Washer Blanks

    • £69.95

    Introducing the exclusive BTT Motorsport Cup Headlight Washer Blanks for the Renault Clio Mk2. 

    These washer blanks have been meticulously designed on 3D CAD/CAE software and 3D printed using reinforced resin polymers to ensure the best fit and maximum durability. 

    These are not not simply cheap covers that are stuck on, the BTT Motorsport washer blanks retain the original Renault bolted design features which means you can fit them using the original Renault spacer and bolt, or you can use our specially designed kit. 

    The blanks Come Painted in the following colours.

    - Monaco Blue / 432
    - Iceberg Silver / 640
    - Pearl Black / 676
    - Flame Red / B76
    - Mondial Blue / D43
    - Inferno Orange / D38
    - Racing Blue / J45
    - Black Gold / 267
    - Titanium Silver / 647
    - Arctic Blue / J41
    - Petrol Blue / F94
    - Capsicum Red / 727

    However, if necessary, we can paint them to any standard Renault paint code for an additional cost. Please get in contact with us before purchasing.