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All products come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee

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Renault Clio Mk2 RS 172 / 182 - BTT Poly Bush Exhaust Mount Hanger

    • £29.95

    BTT Polyurethane bush exhaust mount hanger.

    Introducing the popular BTT Motorsport polyurethane upgraded Clio Mk2 rear exhaust mount!

    These replace the very poor quaility renault items which begin to fail after only a few months of useage, causing your exhaust to sag/rattle.

    The BTT motorsport mount has been carefully developed using our own test vehicles both on the road and on track applications. this has allowed us to verify the performance and durability of our product for all scenarios.

    The standard exhaust bracket is reinforced with 85 shore hardness polyurethane, which is moulded in situ into a brand new exhaust mount ( these are not simple "inserts").

    This guarantees the durability and also means that the install onto your car is hassle free because you do not need to mess around trying to fit inserts which are sold by other suppliers.

    Just simply unbolt your old bracket and bolt this brand new uprated bracket on!

    This item even comes with a 12 month warranty!

    If you are unsure whether this will fit please get in contact with us!

    Please select which set you would like. Clio 172 (1 hanger), or Clio 182

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