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Ford Focus Mk2 ST / RS - Airtec Big Turbo Tubular Exhaust Manifold & Downpipe

    • £304.95


    AIRTEC Motorsport Big Turbo Tubular Exhaust Manifold & Downpipe Package for Mk2 Focus ST & RS

    For those chasing BIG power from their Mk2 Focus ST or RS, there’s now an off-the-shelf solution in the form of this direct fit tubular exhaust manifold which allows a huge range of aftermarket turbos to be fitted.
    Freer flowing than our cast manifold design, this upgrade is essential if you’re looking to achieve over 550bhp.

    Our cast manifold offers a simple solution to allow a big turbo upgrade to be fitted to a Mk2 Focus ST & RS five-cylinder engine (also compatible with Volvo C30 T5 engine).

    We developed this design several years ago to ensure a compact fit and it has since proven time and time again to be both a reliable and free-flowing manifold, thanks to its heavy duty construction which ensures it will not crack over time, regardless of the amount of heat cycles.

    It’s also proven to flow to over 550bhp with no issues and features a T3 flange, making it compatible with a huge range of turbos, including the popular GT30/GTX range (with T3 four-bolt flange fittings).

    There’s also an external wastegate flange suitable for a 38mm Tial wastegate (or similar size two bolt fitting).Direct fit without additional modifications

    Made from 3mm thick steel
    T3 flange to fit wide range of turbos
    V-band external wastegate take-off
    Tested to over 600bhp

    • Tubular stainless-steel construction
    • Free flowing design to improved flow
    • Proven to flow up to 750bhp
    • T3 flange for fit a wide range of aftermarket turbos
    •  External wastegate compatible
    • Matching downpipe option for simplicity

    AIRTEC part no: ATMSFO115