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All products come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee

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Ford Fiesta ST180 / ST200 - Airtec Stage 3 Induction Kit

    • $397.00


    The new design Stage 3 induction kit that works perfectly with the standard Fiesta ST180 / ST200

    • Features.
    • Removes ugly original plastic & restrictive airbox
    • Replaces bigger silicone hoses with hard pipes
    • Adds more power and torque,
    • more responsive and exciting driving experience
    • Enhanced induction sound and turbo recirculation noise (dump valve ‘psssh’)
    • free flowing Air filter & optional k&n dry charger filter cover
    • CNC MAF sensor boss with AS engraved logo
    • Powder coated alloy heat-shield
    • Adds style to your ST engine bay
    • Easy fitting, takes less than 15-20 minutes to install

    Conclusion. It’s easy to fit, looks great, sounds even better, doesn’t cost the earth and can be put back to standard within 10 minutes (warranty)

    Will fit Fiesta ST 200

    Registered Design Right numbers: 6033435 and 6049908