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All products come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee

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Ford Fiesta ST180 - Airtec Radiator Upgrade

    • $474.00


    AIRTEC Motorsport Radiator Upgrade for Fiesta Mk7 ST180

    We’re proud to launch our alloy radiator upgrade suitable for standard or modified Fiesta ST180 models used for fast road or track use.

    With an increased core size of 40mm, our lightweight radiator solution features a tube-and-fin alloy core together with lightweight alloy end tanks. This design increases the cooling system’s capacity as well as improving its cooling efficiency, allowing it to retain lower running temperatures compared to an original unit after prolonged or hard use.

    It’s also suited to modified cars that operate with higher temperatures, or for hotter climate countries, where cooling can be an issue.

    Despite the increase in size, the radiator fits neatly in place and requires no modifications to fit, using the OEM mounts, fan and the original coolant connectors.

    Finished in a high-quality powder-coated black finish, it also features an embossed AIRTEC Motorsport logo to match one of our Fiesta ST180 intercooler solutions.


    • Improved cooling efficiency
    • Larger 40mm core design
    • Increased capacity
    • Lightweight alloy construction
    • Connects to original mounts and connectors
    • Direct replacement  with no cutting or trimming

    AIRTEC part number: ATRADFO14